Needle size for socks

What size needles do you prefer? I had somebody tell me once that she used only size 2 needles, no matter what the pattern said. I find size 2 works for me, I knit tightly so size 1’s give me a stitch way too tight. But now I am confused at all the different metric sizes for size 2. The addis I just bought are 3mm, my dpns are 2 3/4mm, so how different is this going to make my sock knitting? And what size do you use? Thanks for you input.

It depends on the weight of the yarn I’m using. I’ve knit worsted weight on up to 7’s and sport weight on 3’s. I’m currently working with lace weight on 1’s.

I’ve made a few different types of socks. I’m using size 2’s for the first time right now and I love it. It’s a lot of fun!

For me, it depends on the yarn. Schaeffer Anne sock yarn, for instance, is gorgeous - but also very fine compared to other sock yarns I work with more often (Opal, Regia, KPPM, etc). So I’ve had to go down to 00 for those socks (and they’re tabled at the moment due to ungodly eyestrain. ^_~)

For “regular” socks, I typically use the Addi 3mm US 2 in MagicLoop, though I’m thinking of ordering a sz1 instead. I dunno. My knitting changes all the time. The only advice I have is to play with the yarn and needles till you get something you like. :slight_smile:

Yup, just depends on the yarn. When I knit socks with 1/2" hemp rope I use size 30 (made out of shaved billiard cues), while when knitting them with sport weight yarn I scale it down to something like size 4. Sock weight calls for a size 1 or 2, maybe even a 0.

Hemp rope for socks knit on shaved billiard cues? :?? Are you pulling my leg?

2’s love’em!! But my Brittany’s have bent a bit.