Needle size for ribbing

:cheering: Need help with needle size for ribbing. What a wonderful site! The forums are so helpful. Am just learning to knit and of all things I want to try a sweater. Instructions call for 7 and 11 size needles. The front is worked in three pieces. Instructions say to work side panels with smaller needles. Center panel is worked using larger needles. The instructions say to do ribbing with smaller needles for back, but does not say to change to larger needles. If instructions do not say to change to larger needle, should I continue ribbing with smaller needles after casting on for back? In my knitting books it says to do ribbing on smaller needles?

Most sweaters that call for a smaller needle size for the ribbing…mean just that. [U]Just for the ribbing[/U]. If they didn’t state ‘change back to the gauge needle after the ribbing’, they should have. Maybe an oversight on their part.

Change to the larger needle after the ribbing is complete!

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