Needle size for Ballet Camisole

I just received my gorgeous KP Shine Sport yarn to cast on for the Ballet Camisole (

My question is, the pattern calls for 29" circular needles, and I’ve got every size but! I’ve got 16", 24", 47" and 60" (KP Options). Has anyone knitted this top, and if so, can I get away with a smaller or larger needle?

There is quite a difference between the CO for the smallest and largest size so that could make a difference, but overall I’d say you should be able to use the 24 inch. If the stitches get too tight on that cord you can either go to 2 circs or magic loop.

Thanks Jan, I’ll be making the smallest size so I think you’re right, the 24" will hopefully be long enough.

I’m knitting that right now with a 24" needle, and I’m also doing the smallest size. I haven’t finished the waist shaping yet, but I think it should be fine.

My problem was getting gauge - I had to go down to size 3 needles, and I didn’t think I was a particularly loose knitter. Have you had any problems with that?

When I did my gauge swatch with the size 6s, I got one less stitch per row and one less row per 4" square, but I figure that is close enough since the material will stretch a bit and can be blocked into shape, plus I hae a very petite upper body so I think it will fit fine!

(if not, I can give it to one of my stick skinny friends, LOL)

The 24" needle is working fine for me so far too.

i’d use a longer needle and magic loop it. :wink: