Needle size difference

I just got some Skacel bamboo circulars American size 2. They are listed as size 3mm. I’ve noticed that sometimes American size 2 is listed as 2.75mm. Does anyone know why there’s a difference, which is considered more accurate translation of American 2’s, 3mm or 2.75mm? I know I shouldn’t let stuff like this bother me, but it does !:??

.25 mm is not that big of a difference and shouldn’t make any difference in your knitting. I think one of the reasons that there are variations in US sizes is because there can be anywhere from .5mm to 1.5mm (and more) between sizes, so anything that is between 2 sizes is just named a random size. I’ve noticed that with my Clovers, Susan Bates and old Boyles. I have 3 sets of size 9 needles and they are all different sizes around. Go figure.

I’ve noticed that, too, especially in the smaller sized needles. My Circular Solution case lists size 2 as 2.5. :?? It lists 3’s as 3.0. I’m not saying that these are the definitive measurements, but it does lead to confusion. Here’s a chart I found.

I guess it’s one more reason to be sure of your gauge.

Thanks guys, you made me feel better, I guess .25mm IS awfully small to get concerned about, and I did get gauge :smiley: I found an interesting chart on the Brittany website, and they actually differentiate between American size 2(2.75mm) and 2 1/2(3mm)!

Most of what I’ve seen lately has listed a 2.75 mm as size 2, 3.00 mm as a size 2/3, and a 3.25 mm as a size 3. :?? :shock: And then people wonder why I cling to my mm sizes rather than US sizes so much!!! :lol:

needle sizes can drive me crazy! :smiley:

What’s really annoying is that the Skacel needles (bamboo and turbo) don’t come in 2.75mm! They go from size 1 (2.5mm) to 2(3.0mm), must be aggravating for European needle makers to deal with the differences in American needle sizing. Oh well, I guess I’m going to start making decisions based on the metric sizing from now on and ignore the other, heck I usually have to use a different needle size from the pattern anyway to get gauge! Happy knitting in the New Year to everyone!!

I totally agree. I have been looking more at mm, also. Ever since I started crocheting and noticed the same problem with the hook sizes. :rollseyes:
Happy New Year.

When you check the size of your needle … is it supposed to go all the way into the sizer hole?, or just past the point? should it be snug? should it slide up and down?

[color=darkblue]I KNOW what some of you are thinking ![/color][/size] :oops:

I’ll be good.

When I use my sizer, I move down the line until I find one where it doesn’t fit past the point and go with one size up from there. Some are a bit looser than others, but if it doesn’t fit in say, size 3, I’ll use it as a four.

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For the record I have wondered that my own self. :smiley: