Needle Size adjustments

I desperately want to make this bag.

However, I don’t have the size needles it calls for. :frowning: :frowning:

The needles I do have are much larger. It calls for #7 circular & dpn. I only have 11 circular and 10 dpn. Is it possible to make it with those needles?

I just love the shape. So I guess my question is, will the shape be the same with larger needles? What kind of adjustments to the pattern do I need to make?

Tell me the truth. I can take it. Do I have to have size 7 to get that shape?? Or do I have to purchase another set of needles??


If you knit that bag with your needles and the yarn called for, you’re going to have a huge bag made from very loose fabric. I’m not sure how it will felt.

If you use doubled yarn and the larger needles, you’d stand a better chance of having a larger bag in the same proportions.

I say go buy yourself some size 7 needles. They really do come in handy! :wink:

Sigh… Thanks, Ingrid. I know it’s best to follow what the pattern says… I just thought, maybe…

As a beginning knitter, it’s hard for me to spend so much money on kneedles… there’s so much AWESOME yarn out there that needs to be knitted… I hate messing around with finding the right needles…

I just need to get a bunch of needles off eBay or something for a cheap price… :thinking:

Buy the needles and you’ll have them forever and you’ll be ready for any pattern that strikes your fancy. Need something to knit all that beautiful yarn out there!

Very true, very true…

Gonna need to put in some extra hours at work so I can get some of those huge lots of needles on eBay…and oh the yarn I’d love to have… :drooling: :drooling:

I have a list a mile long of things I want to make… so I was thinking that while I’m waiting for those extra hours to add up, I should organize the list by needle size/type. That way I’ll know what I can make right now, and what will have to wait until I have the needles for it.

Needles are costly, but think of as investing. You invest in good needles, you will have a lifetime (or longer, if you raise any little knitters yourself) of knitting.

let me suggest checking out the interchangeables thread near the top of the “general” forum. The price can often seem very expensive on those initially ($35-70 depending on which set and if you wait for a sale) but if you consider how much use you will get out of them and how many variations in needles you will have in the end you will be saving a TON of money! :thumbsup:

Where are you in Iowa, isaiah507? I’m way in SE Iowa, between Burlington and Mount Pleasant. :happydance: Yay, another Iowan!

I’m about 50 miles from the Missouri River (SW IA).

Nice to meet you!

I’m up in Des Moines, but my in-laws live in Farmington and we go to Burlington sometimes when we are down there. I’m excited too that there is another Iowan! :happydance:

there are LOTS of Iowans…even some that are only Iowans in their hearts at the moment. I grew up near Sioux City.

Have you been to the Pink House yet?

Ebay! Go look on Ebay! I recently purchased 150 PAIRS of used boye metal needles for about $20 including shipping! I’ve seel lots of sets of used circulars. Now, all my needles were older and used but they still work wonderfully! And I have JARS of needles in all sizes from 0 to 15 so I can always find what I need…for $20!

I’m putting in a vote for the interchangeable sets. The sets are VERY handy, and they come in slim cases that fit easily into your knitting bag.

Nimmie – :heart: how you display your needles!

Ebay has some great deals on sets of DPNS that I’ve been following.