Needle Sets

Hi, I am going to purchase an interchangeable needle set but would love to hear opinions on what to purchase. I am not sure what is better, wood or nickle plated and what sets would be best value in comparison to quality. Any opinions would be great to hear. Thank you

It’s all personal preference. I prefer nickel plated needles for most things, but I do also like wood for a few things. My needles of choice are Knitpicks Options Nickel Plated. I like the flexible cable and slick needles. You can buy a set of “Try-It” needles and get one set of each of the types they sell to experiment with.

A search of the forum under “interchangeable needles” will bring all kinds of threads where you may get more info.

Either Knit Picks or Knitter’s Pride (cables are interchangeable). Harmony or nickel plated is personal preference. The “try-it” set is a good choice.

What are you knitting with now? I was using bamboo needles and went with the Knitpicks Harmony Wood set. I’m very pleased with it. Two years later, the finish is still nice and slick. It’s a joy to knit with. I’ve heard the nickel plated Knitpicks are nice, too. It’s your preference. I will tell you it’s well worth the price. Think about every needle you would need in all the sizes, plus circulars in all lengths. At $12+ for each needle, it easily comes to hundreds of dollars. The interchangeable sets are a bargain. And it’s a one time investment that you will use and enjoy for a long time. You’re worth it.

I just checked out the prices for the harmony wood needles and they are expensive! I have been using the bamboo needles and love love them. However I just received my set of Susan Bates nickel plated double point needles and I love the feel of them.

Now I have a question! I am going to begin knitting socks but I don’t have a circular needle. Can someone suggest what I should start with? This is only my 3rd project, so is a standard size 3 of 4??

AND what is the best yarn to use for socks??? There are so many to choose from.

PS: I found great deals on Amazon for yarn and needles from private sellers.

Yes, they are a bit expensive initially. However, they end up being a lot cheaper than buying needles sizes separately and you almost always have the size you need. Unless you have multiple projects like many of us do and then you need to buy more tips and cables. :lol:

Deann, please ask your questions in a new thread if you haven’t already. The original thread will get all cluttered up with answers and the original poster won’t be able to find the answers from people responding to her question. :thumbsup: