Needle knobs

i knit with the needle under my arm, how uncomfortable are some of those end on the needles or has someone come up with something i dont know about, no i cant change the way i knit i tried and it hurt my arm , they need to make sqwisshy ends i think:knitting:

I switched to circular needles and find knitting with long needles awkward now. (I wonder how many of us knit/knitted with needles under our arms?!)

How about using a pencil grip cushion over the end of the smaller ones, or a crocheted or knitted cover over the big ones for padding?

Maybe you can use a hair scrunchie. Enough wraps around the knobby part should provide some cushioning for you.

Hi there! I feel your pain. I bought a bag of shaped foam parts at Micheals. They are shaped like marshmallows. I use them to keep stitches from falling off the ends of my DPN’s. They are big enough to cover the ends of long needles. Maybe worth a try. I think 10 0r 12 in the bag for $2.99. Use the 40 % off coupon. HTH Rubie