Needle kit question?

I hope this is ok to post about I just want you opinion on those who have the experience.

I am a new knitted and I am getting hooked. I was pricing the needles at Walmart, its the only store in this area that has craft supplies. So I want your opinions on a needle kit. It’s $69 at Joanns but they have a 50% off sale thru Thurs so I have been thinking about picking it up since it looks like a deal.

So, is this kit really worth it? Not sure if this will direct link u to it but search Boye Needlemaster Kit 200

The NeedleMaster makes circular needles, flexible straight needles and stitch holders
Set Includes: Interchangeable Aluminum needles; sizes 2 - 15.
Separate cables in lengths of 20’’,24’’,29’’ & 36’'
Set also includes: stitch markers and a black zippered case to hold needles
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Check out this thread which is all about interchangeable sets.


Knitpicks has come out with a needle set that’s only $50, you may want to check out that one too. Lots of people love them.


MTG-go for the Knit Picks needles, they are truly amazing.

Personally, I think interchangeable needle sets are worth every penny! You’ll save a ton of money over buying the needles separately.

I’d also recommend the Options set from Knit Picks. They are wonderful needles and very reasonably priced!

Definitely worth it! They are really useful for a lot of other things besides just the different needle sizes…you can use the long cords/extenders to try stuff on while knitting, the end caps to store knitting, etc. etc. I love my Denise’s so much I have 2 sets.

I personally love my Denise set, but I have yet to try the KP Options. I’ve been knitting for less than a year, but I’m sure owning a set has saved me money and a lot of stress over having to buy needles each time i start a new project!

the only thing that has kept me from jumping on the knitpicks options bandwagon is the limited size choices. well and that i now have THREE sets of the denise needles (that clearance sale was too good to pass up!)

if i have need for a big needle with a long cord though, i will definitely pick up the parts at knitpicks though since they have the thin cords and Addis has the tubes.

i would definitely look into one of the sets though. wide range of choices in sizes and very convenient.

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The options sound like they feel like the Addis. Do they? The nickel plate and hollow needle, just wondering. I really want to buy the options.

OH, yeah, they are slick and smooth like addis, I love :hug: mine!