NEEDED! The Winter Vogue with Rose Trellis Bag

Hey everybody! I have been looking everywhere, contacted Vogue, made inquiries on Ebay and haven’t heard from anyone as of yet. THEN… :thinking: I was thinking and remembered this section of the forum!!
OKAY…I am absolutely :inlove: with Nicky Epstein’s ‘Rose Trellis Bag’ it’s too beautiful. I have just seen it recently…had i seen it and known that it was in Vogue I would have jumped on the mag!! I believe that it is in this last winter’s edition of Vogue Knitting.
Now, for the big ?, if you have it, are you willing to part with it; if so, how much? If you don’t want to part with it, can I rent it/borrow it/steal it…whatever is best for you :wink:
[color=red][size=6]PLEASE[/size][/color] contact me if you can be of any help. My humble and heartfelt thanks :notworthy:
I just found out that it is indeed in the winter 2004/2005 Vogue and here is a picture of it in all it’s glory!!

One would think that with all the knitting magazines I have in this house, I could help. That seems to be one issue I don’t have. Either that or it’s buried in the house somewhere. :lol:

There is an LYS just down the street from me that carries back issues of magazines. I can check there tomorrow at lunch for you.

Another reason you are such a DEAR, DEAR FRIEND…thanks, bud :notworthy:

OMG!! How gorgeous is that bag!!!


Umm… could I put my hand up for wanting to find a copy of that pattern as well? We don’t get the Vogue Knitting mag down here (that I’ve seen)…



I’ll check my LYS, she has a bunch of older magazines on a sale table for $1.00. Vogue winter 2005 you think?

Thanks, sweetie, I’ve found it! I found it on Ebay and then, my good friend Barbara got one at her LYS & she will send it to me if I don’t win on Ebay. Thanks so much, though!
I have such great friends :smiley:

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know what happened about this magazine. I lost my bid on EBay; in the meantime I emailed a girl @ Vogue that I had previously chatted with about a shawl pattern that some friends had questions about; this same lady @ Vogue emailed me in a few days with errors in said pattern we had questions about. I still had her email addy, so I emailed her bc there’s no way to get back issues on Vogue’s website other than snail mail. She very nicely gave me an 800# and then sent me the magazine!! I will now and forever subscribe to Vogue Knitting!! With customer service like this, I can’t go wrong. Just thought I’d share some good news :wink:

:thumbsup: :cheering:

I was wondering if you got the pattern and, if so, have you tried to knit it? I found it to be a horrible pattern to knit. Not that it’s difficult, but the fact that she has you decrease in areas that makes it almost impossible to decrease and it is very ambiguous as to just how to accomplish it since the decreases are right in the middle of the lattices. If you have tried it and can either agree or give me some hints about how you did it, can you reply? I have the pattern in two different publications if you haven’t yet found it. I would be willing to sell or trade my copy