Needed patterns-overwhelmed

I am so new at this but my friends are so excited on what i can make. I started making my own pattern of color to make words and such on hats. One of my friend wanted a Playboy bunny…or is it Playgirl…i can not remember which went to what and how those two things are different.

Also, This is very random but i have a friend who jokes about making a swimsuit. Can this really be done?


Go for it!

lol ya bikinis used to be knit all the time! That’s what my mom says - she says back in the 70s a lot of people had knit bikinis.

You could definitely do some fair isle or intarsia for those words and pictures…

You have to be careful with knit bikinis though…they tend to get all stretched out when wet. :wink:

I suggest you teach some of your friends to knit too :lol:

You have to be careful with knit bikinis though…they tend to get all stretched out when wet. ;)[/quote]

Yea, I think they should be used for sun bathing…

I crocheted my neices bikinis when they were babies, we have it on video. They were in the yards little blow up pool at like 18 months old or something and the minute they got wet, the feel down to the ground all streched out of shape, was hilarious and all caught on tape to one day embarass them with.

Swimsuits can be crocheted and worn to the beach without the sagging and all. My sister is experimenting with this and coming up some cute and trendy designs (crocheted, lined with lycra) that don’t sag. (They’re still in the testing stages.)

Wow! So didn’t know that. I will have to try it out and see how it turns out. Some of those bathing suits look very very cute. My friends are getting into knitting. I am still an newbie (I made mittens trying to adapt it to two ten point needles, one mitten game out great, the right hand one looks like a flipper) STill looking for a bunny type of pattern. I tried to make my own, I have gotten kinda lucky making my own with hearts and stars. Even have the word Lucky in green on a black background. I am not sure if i am explaining it right but I wanted to make a scarf switch to powder pink for the bunny

So new!