NEEDED. Baby blankets for hospital


I am a children’s nurse working in A&E at James Cook Major Trauma Centre in Middlesbrough. We have previously received amazing donations of knitted blankets for our children as we do not get any from the hospital (we use adult sized blankets:( ). However, we have ran out! I was hoping there may be someone out there who would like to help. Thank you so much, Christie

What state or country do u live in? What does A&E mean??


You’re in England? I’m in the US. I’d love to help but the cost of postage would be prohibitive. I wish you the best in collecting blankets. The babies need them.


Hi Christie,
I’m in the UK (and a Geordie so you’re close to home :blush:). What size blankets do you need and are there any restrictions on materials or anything else?
I’m sure I could rope in a few friends to help too.
Best wishes,


I think A&E is Ambulatory and Emergency, like our ER. Now to find out how wrong I really am. lol I love a lot of British programs like Doc Martin and guessed based on them.

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Hi thanks for everyone’s replies. I’m in the UK. It means accident and emergency!

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This would be fabulous!! Any size. We have no restrictions. :grin:
Best wishes

Thank you! I sit corrected. :laughing: I was knitting so I’d have to stand up to stand corrected.

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