Need washable yarn

I need to find a cheap, but soft yarn with good deep colors. Not pastel. I usually buy knit picks but, I’m thinking of branching out.

Plymouth Encore is a good reasonably priced yarn, it’s $5.50 a skein at my LYS.

how about caron’s simply soft. some places carry a nice variety of colors. and all of them have a nice luster/shine that looks better and better with every wash.

I agree. Caron Simply Soft and Plymouth Encore work up really nice and are inexpensive. I like using them for baby items in particular, since babies and their clothing seem to need to be washed VERY often.:ick:

I vote for Encore, as well.

Reynolds yarn has Utopia, which I have used on 3 baby sweaters it is very soft
18 sts and 22 rows to 4"
It is soft and has a few deep colors and also pastel. I did a sweater in a cranberry color, it was beautiful.
If you want a new pattern ask for #82260 at your LYS
I don’t have a scanner or I would send the cover to you so you could see it, sorry
Hope you find what you are looking for!

Cascade has a really nice super wash…moderately priced…
good colors

I would go with caron’s simply soft too, it’s only $2.50 a skein here. Or Michael’s now carries Vanna’s choice which is also only abotut $3 a skein.

I was planning a project for my granddaughter Zoe, but I had not tried that kind and I am SO leary of acrylic based on past experience with Red Heart (UGH!).


Not all acrylic is rough, much of it is softer than wool. RH has several soft yarns, one is called - Soft - and it’s TLC line is softer than the Super Saver. Caron has been mentioned, and Bernat also makes very soft acrylics.

I’ve just finished a Mr. Bean bear as a Christmas present for my oldest (he’s 23, but this is Mr. Bean we’re talking about :roflhard:), and used Bernat’s Satin for it. It’s a very nice acrylic, with great stitch definition and a smooth feel.