Need video clip on grafting garter stitich

I got my Ravely in vite!!! :balloons: I believe I need all the help I can find!

I was working on my other clog and I soooo screwed it up. I had to ripppppit all out and start again.:frog:Now I need some help on Grafting in garter stitch. I have finished the felted purse and I have the straps done but not grafted from pinA to pin B . I have 10 live stitches on pin A that I have to graft to pin B .I have read all of my books and I understand what it says to do but when I start it I feel like I am doing it wrong.I need to see a video clip online to show me how to do it. Anyone got a link???

Have you checked out Amy’s videos at the top of this page. Under the Basic tab, go to More, scroll down to finishing. There are a couple of grafting techniques there. Hopefully one of them is what you need.

One necessity in grafting garter stitch is to make sure you have a ridge on the edge of one piece and a valley on the edge of the other piece.

Sorry I don’t have a link for you.
I do have it on video, it’s in E. Zimmerman’s Knitting Glossary.