Need VERY simple toe-up sock pattern

I have never knit a toe-up sock before and I want to learn. I need a pattern that is very easy to follow. I have knit quite a few cuff-down socks but I want to learn more methods. Thanks!

I started kitting socks using Lifestyle Toe Up Socks - No Swatch Needed. It’s not so much of a pattern as a guide to help you know what to do, when. As I recall it says to use Judy’s Magic Cast On but really you could use any of the closed cast ons. I abandoned the short row heel for better fit, more comfort, and longer wear - you can use any heel you want. You might want to look at Lifestyle Socks.

Basically it comes down to pick a cast on and start your toe, when you’ve increased enough to fit your foot stop increasing and just work in the round until it’s time to do something for your heel. You’d have plenty of time to consider heels while knitting the foot. If you’re brave enough to go the no-pattern route you can get help here every step of the way and there are myriad videos for doing toe-ups.

:woot: Yay! I learned to knit cuff-down socks with a similar pattern. One that is not so much a pattern as just guidlines. Thanks again!

You are so welcome! I was concerned you wouldn’t like the idea of skipping a pattern that you’d have to figure out. This will allow you to make them fit just as you want them to. Let us know which cast on you choose, OK? I do JMCO, Jan as I recall uses the Turkish cast on, others like figure 8. I’m sure you could track down more. Be sure to ask any questions you have too.

I’ve done more than a dozen pairs of sox and haven’t used a pattern yet. Mostly I do plain Jane stockinette but since I knit them for simple knitting and to fit just right Plain Jane Sox work for me.

What exactly is the JMCO? Is it the CO that is on your blog thread? The figure 8 CO looks like I wouldn’t like it, but I guess you never know until you try! I tried the CO from your blog thread. That’s as far as I’ve gotten.

I actually don’t like following patterns so I’d try as many of these guides as possible. Do you, by any chance, have anything similar for mittens? I’d be grateful if you do, but you don’t have to feel compelled to. I wouldn’t.:teehee:

There are so many posts with links in that blog thread I have no idea what you found. :rofl: JMCO = Judy’s Magic Cast On. I used the figure 8 cast on once because I couldn’t watch a video and couldn’t remember how to cast on but could manage that. I expect I frogged the socks and started over, not sure. Or maybe I was doing mittens from the fingers. :shrug:

Try Kelley’s Mitten Class - Introduction and she’ll show you how to make mittens from cast on for the cuff to Kitchener stitching the fingers closed. The videos are a great starting point IMO.

I have already fallen in love with these socks!:heart: But I’m afraid that I won’t be able to make a pair.:cry: The yarn I am using is ancient acrylic yarn my grandmother gave to me when she moved. It has been an endless ball until now and I don’t think that it will last:verysad: But it will at least make one sock!
Thanks for the mitten tutorial!:yay:

It sounds as if your toe up adventure is off to a good start. You can make a not-matching one from other yarn and have a stylish non-pair.

My first pair was made with worsted weight acrylic yarn in less than lovely colors that I’d been given. I think it’s been around since the 1970s and I figured I could stand to toss it when the socks failed. They’ll get worn again come winter. lol

attached: my first socks so you feel better about the one(s) you’re working on.

I have already fallen in love with these socks! :heart:

What is it you like? I started with toe-ups, it just seems right somehow to me and have done one pair of cuff-downs. I won’t say I’ve given the cuff-downs a fair chance, I even managed to avoid a heel flap by doing a faux heel flap (I’ll find a pattern link if you want it, it is intended for toe-ups) but I couldn’t wait to get back to doing sox toe-up. I like that they’re easy to fit, I can use as much yarn as I have left for the leg, I don’t have to graft the toe, and I never have to pick up stitches.

i am LOVING those! so glad to hear that acrylic worsted weight socks survive!

I made the toe WAY too big so I frogged it and started over. Plus, the CO was too tight.

Those socks are really not that ugly! My yarn is fingering yarn and a baby green color. I’m knitting them with size 3 dpns. Is the toe supposed to be like flattish when you are increasing? Because mine is.

I like that you can fit it to your foot better than with cuff-down socks where you have to guess how many sts to cast on in the beginning. Personally, I like knitting the heel in cuff-down socks. It’s my favorite part. But I’m weird like that…

I’m not sure what you mean by a flattish toe. If the way you were doing it on the one you frogged worked except that it was too wide then whatever you were doing must have been right.

Actually I was doing it wrong. The pattern said to increase two sts each needle and I forgot they meant circulars so I increased waaaaay too much. This pattern is very helpful if I can remember that they mean circulars!

You’re using dpn’s? Maybe if you write out the increase lines for your dpn’s it would make things easier. It’s just 2 lines so it would only take a minute. You could use markers to indicate where to increase. When I use a pattern written for dpn’s and do it on circs I use a marker to show the end of each needle so I know where I am.

:hair: Aaaaah! I messed up again! Aaaaah!

Calm down, Smallchild, calm down, you can do this! In through the nose and out through the mouth…

Ah! I might understand what you are saying. Wait, write it out on what? I suppose I can probably just take a break for a tad bit and rest…Okay, lets start again!

Just go get it tattooed on your left forearm, easy to see, won’t lose it. :roflhard: The smartest people I ever knew were forever making notes with on their hand or wrist. I’d probably use whatever scrap of paper was handy and then lose it. :mrgreen: A sticky note maybe? I use dpn’s if I really need to but avoid them whenever possible. Yes, you can do it. Anyone who can knit a cuff-down sock can do a toe-up sock, betcha.

BTW you have a PM.

Yeah, I replied, if you didn’t notice;). I would actually need it tattooed on my right because I’m a leftie:roflhard:. I think the time is wrong on this forum because it said that you replied at 12:24 instead of 1:24!:slight_smile:

Alright, alright, I guess you can use your other arm for the tattoo. :teehee: I did a youtube search for toe up socks on dpn’s.
I noticed a long time ago the time on the forum is wrong, once I found how to change it but it didn’t stay changed. I just remember it’s wrong and try to make an adjustment in my head if it’s important. I keep having to log in again and no other site makes me do that. :shrug: I think the system just doesn’t like me and my Linux.

Oh,I thought it was normal because if I’m logged in for too long it makes me log in again! So I guess I’m not the only one!
P.S. I successfully casted on so far!:woohoo: