Need to use larger needle to meet gauge

I would like to knit a sweater that has a gauge of 21 stitches per inch. The yarn called for is worsted and the suggested needle size is 6. I have been knitting a gauge sample with a “light” yarn which I believe is comparable to a worsted. (It’s Ambrosia) I need a size 9 needle to get this gauge. Would this work? Or will the yarn be too thin for the sweater?

It might be too thin, but the original gauge of 21 sts/4" on a 6 is really dense for worsted weight. That’s about what you’d get with a sport or DK weight. So it might turn out fine, depends if you want it to be dense or drapey. What does your swatch feel like to you - too flimsy, or just about right?

You’re right as usual, Suzeeq! When I looked at the gauge swatch and tried to imagine how the sweater pattern would turn out, I think it would be too flimsy. There are cables, etc. and it would be a lot of work and disappointing. I’ll use a different yarn, but thanks for the help!