Need to learn needle handleing

plz i used to knit while the right needle under my
Armpit :oops: i feel shy to knit at any one

could u help me to corect my way to catch needle :aww:

i try to change it but failed :aww:

Knit the way that’s comfortable for you. Many people [I]do[/I] knit with the needle under their arm, depending on where they were taught. If it works, why change?

Debbie Stoller, the author of the Stitch n’ Bitch books also knits with a needle under her armpit- so it’s cool- don’t worry about it!

I’ve read that Stephanie Pearl McPhee (the Yarn Harlot) also holds her needles this way when she’s got a long enough needle. Helps her to do Irish Cottage Style knitting.

My mother and grandmothers all knitted holding needle under the arm i just cant do it
Your lucky you can:p

Yep, Irish Cottage Knitting style can be really fast too. There’s no shame in holding the needle under your arm! There are a lot of knitters who knit like this. :hug:
Check out this thread about the world’s fastest knitter , there is some discussion about how she hold’s the right needle under her arm.

Okay, I just watched a video of Stephanie knitting in her irish cottage style knitting and it BLEW ME AWAY! :notworthy: I cannot believe how fast she can knit like that! I would love to learn this technique! Anyone else knit the same way the Yarn Harlot does?

How DO they do it with circulars?

Here’s a page that talks about how to do this, she calls it Lever Action Knitting, but it is essentially how Stephanie Pearl McPhee holds her needles.
I knit like that too (with circs or double pointed needles), my mom taught me. With longer straight needles, then I hold the right needle under my arm. :thumbsup:

That is just how my late grandma’s knitted and they where almost as fast as her, its funny apart from them and my mum i have never seen anyone knit like it before.
Brings back memory’s:)

Stephanie does a take on lever arch knitting… but she holds her needles perpendicular to each other and her right hand barely moves… I’d love to see her do a demo for a class or something. No one else around me knits like she does. Boy would I love to knit this efficiently. Think of all of the NEW projectsI could start…

I knit (when the needles are long enough) with one needle sitting against my leg. The needles end up being perpendicular this way. I can knit pretty quickly like this, but I think this method means that knitting with dpns is tough for me. I’m trying 2 circulars now, and hope that works better for me. But do what works!