Need to find Baby Surprise Jacket

Does anyone know a website where I can buy the Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket pattern that can be downloaded? Thanks so much for your help.

The only place to buy it is from Schoolhouse press and they mail it to you, they can’t do it as a download. However, you can check to see if your library has The Opinionated Knitter or Knitting workshop by Elizabeth Zimmerman and it’s in there. If it’s not in your library you can probably request it on loan.

Thanks so much. Never thought of the library. Going on line to check it out now.

Bummer, nothing by Zimmerman in my library. I guess I’ll have to ask them to see if it can be loaned from another system. Was wanting the get the pattern quickly so I could take it on vacation and work on the jacket while we’re traveling.

there’s a Yahoo group for lots of help!!

It’s helpful only when you have the pattern though, they don’t share the details. You might be able to figure it out from the files. Group link.

What a great link. I also found a youtube video ( I think it was L2Belt on you tube) that has six parts with helpful hints to make the jacket, but again I need the pattern. Getting the pattern this next week is my goal. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I’ll check my book marks and send a link to the youtube videos incase anyone else is interested in making the jacket.:knitting:

Here is a link to part one of six parts on youtube for support as you work on the baby surprise jacket. As soon as I get the pattern, I should be good to go with all I need.

Hope I did the link correctly.

If you buy the pattern pay a little more and get the one with detailed instructions called A-B-C-SJ. It’s worth it! The original is rather difficult.

Scroll down

Have you seen this free pattern you can get instantly? I’ve never made a BSJ and don’t know how it is constructed, but this Drops pattern has always reminded me of BSJ. LINK

Jan and Sue, is this made anything like BSJ? I’ve always wondered, and I’ve thought of making it, but I’m not sure I understand how you put it together.

Although it looks similar from the front it’s not done anything like the BSJ. Here’s a layout of the BSJ you can see where the cast on edge is and that it’s across the whole thing not just one side.

It doesn’t have the same construction, but it does look a lot like it.

Jan, thanks for the link. That was very informative. I would never have guessed how that was made. Leave it to Elizabeth Zimmermann to come up with such a clever idea.

Thanks Sue.

She did a lot of items that you fold up and sew and they turn into garments. The Bog Jacket, Ribwarmer and a bunch of others I can’t remember.

I’ll have to look at that link. Thanks to Jan and Suzee for all the info too. You guys are great.