Need To Find A New Home For Pets...Need Advice!

It has become very apparent that our animals must go! We have 2 cats and a dog and they are destroying our house. I’m pretty sure it’s a jealousy thing since we don’t have the time to spend with them like we did before DS came into our lives. They have just decided to make our entire house their toilet!! We are currently upgrading a few items in our house, i.e. carpet, flooring, to get it ready to sell and they are ruining it all! Plus, it would just break my heart to buy a new home and have it ruined almost immediately. Also, I do feel really bad that we don’t have enough time to spend with them like we used to. It’s not fair to them. They should be in a home where someone has time to be with them and play with them. I absolutely refuse to send them to the Humane Society because they are older animals and I know they rarely get adopted and I couldn’t bear the thought of them being euthanized. We do have a no-kill shelter not far from here for cats, so I’m pretty sure that’s where I will take them, but I don’t know what to do with our dog. He is a very spunky Pomeranian with the sweetest heart, although he does not like children, which is another reason why we can’t keep him. He can get very defensive if DS tries to play with him. Anyway, do you have any suggestions on where I should start on finding our dear doggy a new home?

:hug: I’m sorry you have to get rid of them…you might try the paper or we have a weekly advertiser that goes out…it has pet listings in there…maybe a local radio station too…I know ours has a set time in the evenings where it will let you call in and do that…:thumbsup:

I would highly suggest, however, if you do put an ad out in a paper, please, for the safety of the animals, do not list them as free.

When I was in high school, I wrote for our school newspaper and I wrote a story opposing dissection. I had to do a ton, and I mean a ton of research and I found out that there are many Class B dealers who take pets they see roaming around, regardless if they have tags, and/or, they scour the papers looking for free animals to obtain for the sole purpose of supplying companies with animals to dissect. Especially cats.

I can’t say how common this is now as I wrote that article over 10 years ago, however, it is (or at least was) a frightening reality.

Maybe ask around at work, or close friends or relatives to see if they know anyone trustworthy who would be willing to adopt your animals. If nothing else, I would recommend a no kill shelter.

I’m sorry you have to get rid of your pets, and, I do completely understand the frustration of them thinking the whole house is a toilet…That’s the main reason I’ve torn up most of the carpeting in our house.

Good luck, I hope you can find them a wonderful home! :hug:

Ask your vet, or see if you can put an ad up there. Look for Pomeranian rescue organizations in your area. Let us know where you live and we’ll see if one of us knows someone looking for a dog.

I’m sorry you have to give up your pets.

I am so sorry that you have to make a decision like this. I understand though, we have a large dog (75 lbs) and there have been quite a few times that I thought it would be better if we found a new home for him, one that would have the time and energy for him. But him being a large dog and I have not found a no kill shelter in my area, he is still with us. (and I am trying to walk him more too!)

I have seen a lot of vet office’s where people put up signs with lost pets and finding a pet a new home, that might be a good place to start. At least if they get your info from there, you know that they have pets and they take them to the vet so you know they take care of your pets. Maybe check with some pet boarding, they might know of someone who takes in animals and fosters them until a good home is found? Try to think of people who work with pets (but not trainers-they might try and get you into their program and if you don’t have the time or money they might make you feel guilty?) and check with them, see if they know of someone who might be able to help you out.

Good luck!

:thumbsup: I agree and would ask for references too…we are looking through basset rescues right now…they have applications to fill out and they call your references and your vet…to make sure the dog is going to a safe home…going through family and friends is a great idea too

eta: you may look and see if you can find a Pomeranian rescue…like the basset rescues…

Hi. :hug: I know how difficult all of this must be for you ! If I had to get rid of my dog the first place I would look for help would be family and friends. Second place( and possibly a better choice) I would go to is a breed specific rescue group. I googled Pomeranian rescue and came up with this
I have volunteered with a local Labrador rescue group and have been nothing but impressed. The Lab rescue team throughly investigated the families or individual who would be adopting. The people who run the rescues are doing it for the love of the breed of dog.

Good luck with everything!

Oh my dear God I can’t even fathom the thought of giving my animals away.

[B][I][U]Please DON’T put an ad in the newspapers!!![/U][/I][/B] Many people use animals for experimental purposes and they may end up living the rest of their lives in a cage having blood taken from them, or worse, until they die. Give them to your friends or someone you can trust who loves animals. If you don’t have that avenue then take them to the animal shelter. It’s better to be taken care of by people you know love animals and will try to adopt them out rather than make them ‘guinea pigs’ for the remainder of their little lives.

Thanks for all the great advice. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but I used to groom dogs and the lady I worked for truely had a deep love for all the dogs and cats that came in and she is a true advocate when it comes to finding animals great homes.

I don’t think I would/could advertise in the paper. Too many creepos out there and I wouldn’t know if they would take care of them or not!

I rechecked the no-kill shelter and it says although they are mostly a cat sanctuary, they are taking a few dogs. Maybe since Elmo is tiny, they would consider it.

This is going to be a pretty hard thing for me to do! I love my animals as if they are part of the family, but the stress of it all is just getting to be too much. I know I would feel a whole lot better knowing they were going somewhere they would be taken care of.

HollyP - Thank you for taking the time to look that up for me, unfortunately, there aren’t any listed in my immediate area. I’m in Southeast Missouri and there is one listed for Missouri, but their web page no longer works. I also looked in Illinois, Kentucky & Tennessee, but they are either very far away or nonexistent. I like this idea better than any of the others if I can’t find a home for him with family or friends. I will keep searching that route.

I am trying to put this as thoughtfully as I can, as I understand folks go through changes and must rehome pets sometimes.

You have already received some great info here and there isn’t more I can add as far as resources to rehome your dog.

I do, however, have a big problem with the phrase “getting rid of.”

It implies that pets are disposable. It breaks my heart because these little guys depend on us to care for them. If we can’t, for whatever reason, honor our commitment, we REHOME them in a responsible way. Which is what you are doing.

Please know I am not bashing you at all. I am just trying, in my own small way, to change the way animals are treated and trying to keep the homeless population down. Words can hurt.

Good luck, I hope with all my heart you are successful.

Actually, I was thinking the same thing after I wrote it. It does sound pretty harsh and it just came out wrong. I like the word “rehome”. I’ve never heard of that, but it’s good.

Stacy, everyone has had good advice. But look into rehome as an option, there are lots of people out there that will take in animals and rehome them, most of these services have strick guidelines for the new owners to meet.
We had to rehome our parrot and it broke my heart, it took me six months to pick the right home for him from applicants, and he is very happy where he is at now. Sometimes things happen, but then we still have to make good choices to solve the problems.
Good luck.

I feel for ya. I just “rehomed” a chihuahua that my sister had given my daughter. He was so sweet but I couldn’t housebreak him (my sis lets them use piddle pads) and my older dog is just not fond of other animals. Luckily, my cousin knew someone who wanted a teeny companion dog to spoil rotten. It sure does make it easier to give them away when you know what kind of home they are joining. Good luck!

Thank you all for your great advice. I am trying one last idea for my dog. I actually bought him doggy diapers yesterday. I was reading some sites yesterday and I think he may be doing “male marking”. I feel like I have to try everything first before I can come to terms with the thought of finding him a new home. Hopefully this will work, at least for the dog!

Is he neutered? If not it will help.

My dog is neutered and marks like a wild man but only outside. You can break him of indoor marking but you have to catch him. Try keeping a leash on him and as soon as you see that leg start to go up: “NO” and take him outside immediately. When he pees outside "GOOD BOY! and give him a treat.

Training can tough but you will save a fortune on doggie diapers:wink:

A couple of ideas. Call the Junior Humane or Humane Society. They generally will take placeable pets who can no longer be kept for whatever reason. Our Jr Humane Society adopts both cats and dogs through our local Petsmart. If you have Petsmart in your town give them a call and they will get you in touch with someone who can help you.

We had a cat that was purely miserable in our child-filled home. She really needed to be with someone who could provide a nice quiet home where the owners were home much of the time. We provided her medical records to Petsmart and they were able to place her with a nice elderly couple where she was quite happy.

There are also catteries that will assist in placing animals. Our area also has a lady who helps with pet adoptions. It costs money to adopt through her, but she assures that there is a good match between potential owner and pet. She looks into their background and asks lots of questions before she will let someone adopt. She also insists on a visit between pet and potential owner to make sure that they get along and how they interact. Look at for agencies in your area that assist with pet placement. That’s where a friend of mine found this lady who helped find a good home for a tiny puppy that grew into a huge monster (size not temperment) and outgrew their tiny home.

Your pets obviously aren’t happy where they are or are not getting the attention that they need. Finding a new home for them is probably a good thing. Don’t feel bad about that. You may want to note to any potential owners that having small children isn’t a good mix for these animals. They seem to like the attention that they got when they were the “babies.” This is important for any potential owner to know.

I hope you find happy safe homes for them!