Need to donate yarn

Hello Everyone, I’m new here and would like to know if there are any places where yarn can be donated. I’ve seen “check churches and schools”, but I’m looking for more specific places that any of you might know of.

Any thrift store that benefits a charity you like would be a good choice.

Give a call to a local assisted-living home. Lots of older ladies still work with yarn as much as their joints will allow–some of them use the yarn to make preemie clothing to donate to hospitals.

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Community centers and organizations teach knitting in hospitals and senior residences usually welcome donations. Where are you located? Groups like Carewear in northern Maryland USA take donations for their members who knit for hospitals etc.



Have you tried going to an elderly group? In New Zealand we have a club that a lot of elderly people join called the ‘Lions’ they are an amazing group who usually knit for charities around the country & are always looking for donations of yarn etc… Just an idea if you are in New Zealand, if you aren’t you could see if there is a group around that does that sort of thing. Or, you could see if there is a women’s/men’s prision who are willing to take the donations?

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You could always go Ravelry and to the Charity Knitting Group and post that you have yarn available to donate…you will always find people who would love to use it for charity knitting.

This is the link

It’s very generous of you to donate yarn for a good cause :slight_smile:

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Check online also. It will help you.

many knitting shops serve as a drop off distribution stop for area knitters doing charity work. Ask some of the shops in your town

I have a couple of places that you could donate Yarn to. Are you still wanting to donate?


I know that in St. Louis, MO, both county and city, many assisted living centers and homes for the elderly accept donations as most Residents have already turned over their Medicare checks and savings and bank accounts to The home for services and accommodations. It costs a minimum of $ 6,000 a month for bed and board in most facilities and in some cases families are footing the bill. Whether ambulatory or confined to a bed or wheelchair, crafts are an important part of their life. My mother was part of my ceramics group where they made things out of clay and another group knitted blankets for the homeless. Another place to check out would be homeless shelters like Salvation Army where entire families are often residing today and safe houses in your area where those who come have often left everything behind. I hope this has helped.