Need this "fingerless toe glove" pattern

This will make the best white elephant gift ever! Anyone know where I can get the pattern???

I know! I liked it too :slight_smile: But i found it before she posted that, but i also understand her argument…

These are a lot like them too

It’s hilarious because I am going through all these patterns on her site and thinking, she’s so right, that is hideous. But then I got to these and I thought, now come on, those are kinda cute. And since I live in the desert where we wear sandals year round. ANYWAY, they will make a great gag gift and will be done rather quickly. So thanks!

you’re welcome :wink:

i actually think those are delightfully silly…i am not sure i would like them as much if they were different colors though…lol

I like them because they aren’t over-the-top, and I wear flip flops a lot, and I dont want dogs slobbering on my feet … but I will admit that I haven’t made them yet. They aren’t the worst thing on that blog “you knit what?”…most things on there are hideous, but some are just like “huh?..well kinda cute”

Oh, I love them & wear birks all the time…knit socks all the time…have to have some for summer :wink: I’ll have some next summer :thumbsup:

I think they are kinda fun. I would probably never wear them. Althought the big toe sock is a bit freaky looking from the second site.

All those socks have been in my knitting queue since I started knitting. I like to wear sandals, but I have crazy cold feet, and I cannot afford to be cold! I also really enjoy the funkines they add. Although I’m certain that if I run around in those socks people may begin to believe my disability is more mental than physical :roflhard:

lol i agree when they aren’t wearing sandals that big toe looks freakishly long!