Need Tahki Aston 008 yarn!

Hi everyone. I have just experienced every knitters nightmare in that I have run out of Tahki Aston 008, which I discovered, much to my dismay, has been discontinued. I am right in the middle of a cardigan for my daughter which I intended to give her as a Christmas present. If anyone has any that they’d be willing to sell me, I would love to speak with you. If you have any other suggestions for how to obtain this discontinued yarn, id be grateful for that too!

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Ugh, that is a tough one. Sorry this happened to you.
Have you tried stashes on Ravelry? If you search for the yarn then click on stashes on the right in the yarn description page you can then search for olive. Looks like only one possible source. It’s worth a message even thought it’s listed as the default, not for sale.
Try the Tahki website too if you haven’t already. The list stores by state for the Aston yarn. You might strike lucky with one near you. Yarn shops will sometimes call customers to see if they have leftovers from a purchase.
Good luck in your search. Someone here may also be able to help.

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Thank you so much. I just put an inquiry out on Ravelry. I spent hours last evening tracking down stores across the country, but I may need to make some phone calls! This is outstanding advice. Wish me luck!!

Tammie :slight_smile: