Need super easy and fast scarf pattern

Hi everyone,
:shock: Just discovered that I need 2 scarves knit within 5 days. One for a man and one for a women.

Any ideas? I’m hoping to knit using one ball if possible. Any suggestions for yarn–maybe something extra chunky? :??


Kelly’s grrrrr scarf is wonderful and hats are fast :wink:

Rebecca, thanks so much.

l’ll spend 4 of my 5 days trying to decide :rollseyes:. :blush: .

I’m considering the following three options for the ladies scarf: (which of these would be faster to knit?)

  1. drop stitch in chunky yarn.

  2. spiral scarf in worsted

  3. small ruffle scarf that just goes around the neck, held with a brooch.

1., 2 or 3 ??? :thinking: cast your vote
(before I lose my nerve and buy’em a box of candy! :smiley: )

I’ll just do garter in some outrageously chunky yarn for the man.

knitbebe–I’m just a slave to yarn :XX:

What ever you choose for the second scarf, I suggest using scarf #1. I made a drop stitch scarf in no time. I lose interest in a project very quickly. Besides, using the drop stitch will make it go by faster since it adds length to your project. :thumbsup:

#1…I’ve done drop st scarves very, very quickly!! I’ve done the majority of mine in a ribbon yarn, I think (Christmas gifts last year!) and I did one with a ladder ribbon and a chunky yarn…all were very, very fast!! I also did a scarf for my MIL using the twisted drop st that is really fast & you can see a video with Lily Chin demonstrating it here …have fun :thumbsup:

I’m off to my lys to get some yarn for the drop stitch scarf! I have seen a demo of the twisted drop stitch on knitty gritty, looked interesting. I think this was would a great time to try it out.

tita, I can relate to your add knitting! My problem is that I have to try out every possible pattern, yarn, poll :roflhard: before getting started on the project :rollseyes: . once I start I’m go to go :XX:.

:thumbsup: Thanks so much for the advice.

I went lys and bought my yarn for the twisted drop stitch