Need suggestions for baby blanket border

I have just finished a beautiful baby blanket (Rambling Rows pattern) and I would like to add a border. I need to knit (I do not know how to crochet), and I really want to knit it right on by picking up stitches (rather than having to sew on the border later). Ideally, I would like something a little decorative since it is a baby blanket. Any ideas/suggestions?

Hi. Is this your pattern? If not, you should be able to post a link to it now.

There are all kinds of edging to look at but one that I like is a picot edging for baby blankets. Here’s a video for a picot edge and also one for a picot hem. The picot hem is used at the beginning of a project but it could also be picked up and knit as an edge.

Yes! That is the pattern. I have done picot trim on other blankets, and that is my fall back if I cannot come up with something else. I do like the picot, I am just looking for something new!

I did a search on Ravelry for “afghan borders” and came up with this page of borders.

However, I would think you could use other kinds of borders, too, like for washcloths, scarves, and sweaters knit flat. Try looking through this search, in which I just typed in “border.”

Maybe some variation of feather and fan? The biggest problem I see with borders in the round is making the corners come out correctly unless the pattern or border is written for circular…

The other great resource for edging is thebookfrom Nicky Epstein, “Knitting on the Edge” which is actually part of a series of three books at the moment. My library has them and you might check yours. They’re wonderful compilations of every sort of edging design.

Great suggestions and i even got the book from my library, but I am still stuck! I think I want to do an eyelet garter border (so as not to detract from an already beautifully patterned blanket!), but I want to miter the corners. i do not know why this is so confusing to me, but it is! If I do all sides at once, I must have to p a row and then k a row to get garter, correct? And do I increase at the corners each time i go around? Or am I better off leaving one corner open and knitting back and forth?

If you knit the border in the round you’ll knit one row, purl one you for garter. You can increase every other row at the corners. Once past the first round, you’ll be able to check that you’re adding in enough increases by whether the edge is lying flat or not. If it isn’t tink back and add in another increase or so. You can knit this back and forth too but you’ll still have to round the corners the same way, you’ll just be able to knit every row.