Need some suggestions

To make a long story really short, I was contacted yesterday about a part time job at a lys that I had applied for last spring. The owner has asked if I would be willing to teach some night classes, after regular store hours, as I am the only one who’s schedule would allow for it (never mind that with my full time job and the store’s normal hours would only leave me with Sundays to work). Of course I said yes! I’m really excited about the whole deal.

However, other than offering help to those that I work with figure out a pattern or explaining a certain stitch (crochet, knit, etc.), I have never taught any kind of classes. From the sounds of it, she’s pretty much going to give me free reign on class subject, but I’m at a complete loss as to what I should teach…

So, I guess what I’m asking is-- What kind of classes do you think I should be offering? I can knit, crochet (including Tunisian), but I haven’t tried intarsia, fair isle, or complicated lace patterns. Not saying that I wouldn’t take a crash course in self-teach if need be!

Thanks for any suggestions!!

Well, stick with what you know for starters. You could start with basic classes… “The Knit Stitch”, “The Purl Stitch”, etc. On your own time, start practicing, studying, and reading about a lot about other knitting techniques, so you can at least answer questions when someone asks.

Congrats on the job. I’d LOVE to do that! :slight_smile:

congrats!! does this mean that they are going to be open Sundays now? that could be baaaaaaaaaaaad!

I wasn’t referring to Threads or Threads 2… Sorry to disappoint. Actually this lys opened up this past spring in the 70th and A area. The store name is Yarn and Thread by Lisa. They have a store in Crete as well as an online shop.

Right. I was planning on doing “just the basics” as needed, and I have read up on how to do color work when I was first learning to knit. Just never came across a pattern that I really loved enough to practice what I read.

I was contemplating a sock class, but since socks are actually a huge project stitch-count wise, I might have to bring it down a few notches and do the practice sock thing from the socks 101 article in knitty. That way I can teach them the basics of turning heals etc in something they can complete in a few hours.

Looks like I’m going to have to finally pay off that old library fine and get some knitting books for reference… :rollseyes:

You could alternate classes with a beginner one week–k, p, binding on/off, maybe make a wash cloth with checkerboard k/p patterns so they can see the difference.

Another week you could do a more advanced beginner–inc, dec, ribbing/seed stitch type stuff, cables, etc.

You could also do a more advanced class when you feel comfortable.

Another idea is to have an ‘open’ class for everyone to come and knit, offering help to any who need it and getting ideas for what people want from knitting classes.

Then there’s the Holiday Gift theme–scarves, mittens, hats. Things that are quick and teach a lot.

I’m like Silver–I would love to do this.

:pray: :pray: Ohhhhh, my dream job…
My DH asked me what I wanted to do once the kids were both in school… That would be sooo cool…

My LYS offers beginner, adv beginner, then various other things like socks, entrelac, etc.

As everyone has said, start with the basics that you are very comfy with and study and go from there!

[color=indigo][size=7]KUDOS!![/size][/color] :thumbsup:

Thanks for the suggestions ladies! If you think of anything else, let me know!!