Need some instant gratification

Cuz I am bored with my tank and I need to feel like I have done something. Anyone have a quick project for me? Ready… go!

WTF? You mean you can’t think of anything?? :shock: OMGoodness!! Where do I begin? ekgheiy bites her nails How about a pair of socks? Or no … how about you start on a winter coat so that it can be ready-to-wear when the season hits. I totally wanted to make the blue coat in this book, but #1 my list of things to knit is soooo long and I never got to it and #2 I really don’t want to work with wool and I can’t think of what else would do in it’s place. I considered Bernat Berella ‘9’, but still … the coat was never made. sigh

Oh :thinking: … the socks idea is quick. Perhaps the coat idea isn’t so quick? Or maybe it is with such chuncky yarn :??

Socks, dishcloths, potholders, coffee bras, hats, small stuffed toys, hair scrunchies, fingerless mitts…

Baby socks! I have been having so much fun making them. THIS is the pattern I have been using. It was also great for me because I have only done one pair of adult socks before these but they were top down. These are toe up and were a great learning experience.

kemp…those baby socks are toooo cute :smiley:
nuno, skinny side to side scarf is the fastest thing i can think of; use long circular needles and c/o 200, 400 whatever # of sts u desire & knit just a few rows & u r done…finge it or pompom it or whatever…and there u have a very fast skinny scarf

I say Grandma’s fav. dishcloth. I can finish one of these in about 2 hrs. I picked it b/c I need instant gradifacation,too. Every family in my family is getting a set!

Kemp, what kind of yarn did you use for the baby socks? I love them!

Thanks! Its Regia 1937…good price HERE.

I also made a pair of “big girl” socks out of it :slight_smile:

OH those are FUN HAPPY socks!!! I hope mine turn out as nicely!

I am sure they will! I used Silver’s sock tutorial as well. Silver ROCKS! :inlove: I think I have a pretty good handle on sock basics now thanks to her. Can’t wait to customize my next pair.

How about this?

I made a wonton for my kitties. They loved it so much, they HID IT FROM ME!! I haven’t seen it since I first dropped it to floor for them. :lol:

Kemp, I love, love, love the big girl socks. Also, can you send me a link or can some one send me a link to Silver’s sock tutorial… I have some sock yarn and I think I am ready to give it a shot!

Silver’s sock class is HERE

It was really easy! She walks you through it like you have no clue what you are doing with a sock, which I think is perfect! Once you do it once, it seems to make a lot more sense.

:cheering: :cheering: How cool…I had no idea you had done that sock class, Silver…YAY for u!!!