Need some help please

Okay, I admit I haven’t picked up my “basic” knitting projects in quite a while due to being really busy.

I decided that I am going to attempt a simple cardigan. Upon reading the directions, it says something about ending on a wrong side row or a right side row. How can I tell which is the wrong side and which is the right side. I’m ashamed, I ought to know this but I think my brain has taken a leave of absence today. lol.



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The RS is the one worn out, the WS is the side worn toward you. On a pattern, ribbing and garter are the same either side, so you choose which looks better to be the RS. For stockinette the knit side is the RS; for cables or a stitch pattern the row the cables cross or the row the pattern is done on is the RS.

Sue has said what the RS is and when the pattern says:

ending on a wrong side row or a right side row
, it means that the row you just finished (the last one you worked is the wrong side row or right side row depending on which is says you end on. If it says end on a WS row, the next row, the one you would be ready to work, would be a RS row. If it says end on a RS row, the next row would be a WS row.

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:thumbsup: Ahh, okay. Thank y’all very much.

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