Need some help :) - knit 2nd stitch then 1st?

Hello all - looking for some knitting wisdom :grphug: I haven’t seen this before:

k 2nd st before 1st st, k 1st st, sl sts off ndl

I just can’t seem to get this one and visually, I can’t picture it either - Does this mean that I end up creating a stitch?

Any help would be most appreciated!

A twisted stitch? Check this video, I found it informative.

This is a way of making a small cable or twist by knitting the 2nd st on the left needle before the first st on the left needle. It won’t create a stitch, just make a small cable.

That makes sense - so am I sliding the first stitch to get to the second?

Thank you!

Put the right needle into the 2nd st on the left needle as you would usually knit a st and wrap the yarn around then bring it through the st but don’t drop either the first or 2nd st off the left needle. Put the tip of the right needle back into the first st on the left needle, wrap the yarn around and pull the yarn through, then drop both sts off the left needle. You’ll have two new sts on the right hand needle.

No, you don’t slip the first stitch to get to the second one, you just leave it at the tip of the left needle and skip over it, knitting into the second stitch as salmonmac says.