Need some chart translation tips!

I want to translate a pattern I’m about to start into a chart, but I don’t know what all the common abbreviations/symbols for things are. Where could I find a chart or pictionary of them?

The stitches I need are typical K, P, K2tog, SSK, CF and CB, and possibly some P2tog or tbl, etc.


This should be enough to get you started. If it’s not enough, google ‘knitting chart symbols’ and you’ll come up with more.

Thanks, those are a great start. That’s actually what I came up with when I googled for it earlier. I guess it’s just the purling through the back loop I’m missing…but I rechecked my pattern and I’m not even sure I need it. :smiley:

How 'bout here:


I’m looking more for the symbols so I can chart something out. I think I’ve got it all covered now except for cables :??: Should the cable symbol take up five squares if it’s a five stitch cable? Or should it just be the one…and which way do I know how to slant it? hehehe…it might be easier to just wright “CF5” in the middle of my chart. :rofl:

ETA–a fabulous site!

Yeah, if it’s 5 stitches, it should cover 5 squares. RE: slant, I don’t know…my brain’s not working well enough to figure it out! LOL–I totally WOULD write CF5!!

ETA: Whoa–that is a totally cool site! Bookmarking…now!

I’ve often made up symbols for charts–as long as I understand it, who cares?