Need sock help

hey there!

tragedy struck wtih my WW sock, so i started a sock weight sock on size 3s awaiting help from my knitting maven on the WW one… here it is, btw, i’m so proud:

so i am at the heel shaping and this sock, unlike the WW one, calls for this:

RS: sl1, k1, rep across
WS: sl1, p1, rep across

everything is just SO tight and uncomfortable that it’s like hurting my hands to work these heel stitches… what am i doing wrong, any ideas?

thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ve heard people complaining of things getting really tight if you’re doing the slip stitch pattern on every row. I don’t think it’s necessary to do that, in fact most sock patterns I’ve worked have sl1 K1 etc. for the right side rows, and purl all stitches on the wrong side rows. Maybe take a look at some other patterns and see if there’s a different stitch pattern that you think would work better.

the WW sock i did was like that, sl1, k1, and then P back and it was still a little more challenging, but nothing like this. maybe i’ll switch to that because i’m losing my mind. thanks for your help!!!

how is starsky coming along? i LOVE that sweater!!!

Starsky is coming along great. I’m converting it to using a worsted weight instead of chunky so I’ve had a lot of math and calculations to deal with but it’s been fun and challenging and I HOPE that I finally come out with something in the end that I’ll actually wear! :rollseyes: :wink:

p.s. you’re totally right about the slips on both sides not being necessary. i am inclined to say this was a pattern boo boo. everything i’ve looked at either has sl1, k1 and then sl1, p across or sl1 k across and sl1 p across, but never sl on both sides. i only did about 6 rows of the slip on both sides so hopefully with me changing now it won’t be too different. i know the slip on both makes it tighter, but i’m not frogging, dang it! :wink:

thanks so much! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. :thumbsup: