Need simple toddler (1yr old) boy beanie pattern

I have the yarn already. I am using Patons Shetland Chunky Tweeds…

I’m just pulling a blank on how many stitches I need for a basic baby hat…

Do a swatch or two with different size needles until you find a needle size that gives you just the right fabric - not too thick or dense, but not too lacy/netlike, and count the number of stitches per inch in that swatch. Measure the recipient’s head around the brim/circumference, and cast on enough stitches to make that number of inches, less about one inch.
So if the measurement is 10 inches around, cast on enough stitches to cover 9 inches.
Or you could search knitting blogs for baby hats in the same wool and see what they did. BTW, I’m not familiar with the wool, but it sounds like it may be a bit scratchy, are you sure it would be all right for sensitive baby skin?


Thanks, Redwitch. I just logged on to try and find a basic toddler beanie pattern, and your instructions will help me use up my stash. :thumbsup:


Couple of links here and the KH Charity Forum is also a handy source for patterns.

Bev’s Country Cottage link has hats for toddlers on the same page.

All the Best