Need replacement yarn

I had been making some accent scarves using Trellis by Lion Brand. But now Michaels (as close to a LYS as I have), is no longer going to carry it. Sure, I can buy direct from Lion Brand on their website, but shipping doubles the cost. Does anyone know of a reasonable facsimile I could use in its place? I saw something on, but that one is down to one color on clearance.

EDIT - I suppose I could use a solid ribbon yarn, but the ladies I was making these for prefer the open look of Trellis.


If I still have some from last year, you can have it. What colors did you want? but like I said, I have to hun through my yarns first.

~ Susan

I appreciate the offer! Right now, only ones in demand are Champagne and Autumn Leaves. But I really liked the sparkly look of the one on, so was actually looking for a something like either of those to give a few more options.

I believe that yarn is showing up in a lot of Dollar Stores now. Mine has it but not in the colors you’re looking for. Berroco makes something like it:

That is my suggestion as well - check your local dollar store, or Big Lots if you have one. I have seen trellis showing up in both on occasion

$ stores! Never thought of that! Even for regular yarn purchases! Duh! Thanks for the tip!

Webs has some closeouts on their website that look kind of similar in construction although some are skinnier–

Filatura Di Crosa Melissa

KFI Dazzle

Plymouth Eros

Plymouth Odyssey has some ribbon yarn like you are using. It is called Calypso(I have made 2 cardis with it) the price is (9.99 for a 10 ball bag) I prefer the Diva = it’s furry and real easy to work. good luck

I found the Trellis Yarn at JoAnn’s… [URL="[;jsessionid=5TXUQB3ADBOWIP4SY5CFAFR50LD3OUPU?CATID=cat1110&keywords=trellis+yarn&_requestid=1135576](;jsessionid=5TXUQB3ADBOWIP4SY5CFAFR50LD3OUPU?CATID=cat1110&keywords=trellis+yarn&_requestid=1135576)"]

They are only showing 3 different colors on their web site… I don’t know if that will help you or not.

ACMoore also has the Trellis, they have some in stock and some colors out of stock:
Knitting Warehouse has Trellis - I’ve never dealt with them before, just found them on the web:

I know that it is frustrating when you like a yarn and than have trouble finding it… I hope the links above help.

I found some at “Big Lots” for a buck…Can you check Rav? In searching for “yarns” there yesterday,I did come across some Trellis…