Need quick, easy baby blanket pattern

That also looks… Nice, ya know?

Not that I’m asking alot, mind you! :slight_smile: Any help would be greatly appreciated. Yarn suggestions taken happily, also.

nothing much easier than the diagonal dishcloth baby blanket. There is probablly a link to it somewhere below:

Have you seen this thread?

DIY has a show called Knitty Gritty and they did a great embossed heart blanket that was super cute. It you wanted to do it fast I would use a chunkier yarn and larger needles but it looked link a neat baby blanket. They also backed it with a light weight flannel. If you keep an eye out they might even show the show again which is handy when making the pattern, but when ever I want to see a show they never seem to show it.,2025,DIY_14141_4116091,00.html

Did ya know that you can go to and then go to knitty gritty and get the patterns and some even have little videos you can watch? It’s great for when you miss something while watching the show or don’t want to stay up till the roosters are gettin out of bed to watch it.:zombie:

[B][U]EASY BABY BLANKET[/U] (Dishcloth Baby Blanket)[/B]

I use DK weight yarn and US 7 or 8 needles for this baby blanket. It can also be done in a chunky baby yarn using US 10’s. I made it once with Baby Clouds and it came out really nicely (picture attached). The picture is the blanket knit with Baby Clouds. It is soft and cushy and a bit on the fuzzy side. The colours look like the blanket is part of a rainbow.

Gauge is not important.

[B]CO 4 sts.
Knit across first row.
Next row (and every row thereafter until it measures the sized square you require): K2, yo, k to end of row.
Once you have the blanket at the size you want your square blanket to be…
Next row (and every row thereafter until you are at 4 sts again): K1, K2tog, yo, K2tog, k to end of row.
Once you reach 4 sts on the needles again,
Next row: k across row.
Cast off. Weave in ends.
If desired, string a 1/4" satin ribbon in and out through the eyelets and tie a bow or knot at each corner of the blanket.[/B]

Happy Knitting and good luck!

I have a Digital Video Recorder I am not sure how I survived before I got it!!! It records it every time it is on and I just save the ones I like.