Need project for ugly acrylic worsted

So I have five nearly-full skeins of Red Heart Super Saver worsted in boring/ugly colors… brown, tan, black, and 2 kinds of variegated tan/brown/green/rust. (I made some things to match a coat for a guy.) What the heck can I do with all this yarn?? I looked through the stashbuster postings but most of the great things should be colorful or in toasty warm wool!

Hmm… anyone have a good pattern for a big, tightly-knitted or double-stranded project bag? I have things stuffed into three smaller bags now.

Thanks for any ideas!!

You could make a bag, or a throw or dog blanket…

Crocheted granny squares.
Black, 4 rounds. Brown, 3 rounds. Tan, 2 rounds. Make squares until you run out.
Figure up the square/rectangle that will use the most.
Join and border with variegated. Keep adding border until you don’t have enough to complete last round.

What seems ugly to one may not be ugly to another so making something for charity is always a good way to use up that kind of yarn. Or how about making something (or many things) for The Snuggles Project. Animals certainly don’t care about color and dark colors are always good for pets. :teehee:

There is a KAL for The Snuggles Project using stash yarn right here in KH, too.

I like having my early projects which were ponchos (free patterns from Lionbrand). It’s nice to have it be tough enough so I’m not worrying about any little snag, like when the dogs are all over me, etc.

You can see them on my Ravelry page and search for “poncho”, they’ll come right up, or just scroll to the early FOs.

It’s also always nice to have some scarves and hats lying around you don’t mind giving away to a visitor if they need one. Quick, easy projects.

I’m resisting the January KAL “Seamless blanket project” in the Knit-Along forum. I have seven different colors of Red Heart Super Saver and I’ve mapped out a baby log cabin blankets using four, five, six or all seven of them and I have started a swatch. But I’m not signing up because I have four other projects currently in the works. :lol:

However, I’m attracted to the idea of being able to use up a bunch of that old ugly yarn and making space for new! :knitting:

In your case, that might be something that would use up a lot of your yarn in a design that would also make those colors look not boring or ugly. :slight_smile:

Check out this thread:

These are really amazing, beautiful geometric patterns that would look good with your yarn, I bet. I spent way too long looking at the woolly thoughts website last night, and their projects are so cool and would definitely bring some interest to working with yarn you’re not thrilled with. Brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘knitting math’

If you don’t want to knit with it, you might see if a local senior center would take it.

That’s a great idea. My sister is worried about how she’ll afford yarn when she’s in a home.

Ummm… I have more than that on the needles and I’m still doing it… :shifty: :lol:

Thanks everyone! I really like looking at all the links you guys posted for me. Does anyone have a large stash bag link?
Oh, I just [B]love[/B] the Snuggle Project idea. I hadn’t heard of it… I will definitely do that. I worked at animal hospitals for years and I agree that the animals like and need something to burrow in or under! Acrylic will be perfect for the zillion washes they’ll get. Not sure I’ll have time for a KAL… someday though… when I finish school.
I also appreciate the suggestion for donation to older people. Not sure why I didn’t think of that since, coincidentally, I’m starting a nursing clinical next week in geriatrics! I’ll see if I can put some skeins to good use there with OT.
I appreciate your time very much!

RE snuggles project, I posted this idea on a Ravelry group and they thought it was good. Use up your old swatches to stitch together a snuggles blanket for a shelter animal.

Personally, if it was me, I would donate the yarn instead of using my knitting time working with a yarn I find ugly. How about teaching someone to knit and giving them the ugly yarn to practice with?

Use it up on charity projects! Seriously–hats for a homeless shelter.

I agree, if it’s something you DON’T like, donate it away, otherwise knit for charity.

[FONT=“Georgia”][B][I][COLOR=“Navy”]Hey All,
Hwn222 -I agree about knitting for charity etc. But could you send me a link of what the wool you are talking about looks like? It could be a distinct lack of tea, but I just cannot picture them.
If you had 5 big skeins, then you could in theory knit your own coat out of it, or if the wool is scratchy/nasty put the panels in between the lining and the outer material of an old coat which has lost its warmth.
You could also knit cleaning cloths from it if they are scratchy/nasty. Imagine how well scratchy wool could clean burnt on food (especially when I cook - I’d need a chisel!)
Also, is there like a wool swopping area on this website/could the moderators create an area. I bet some people would love that wool, but hate something you want. Ideal situation!

That yarn is super durable. It works well to tie quilts, which can also go to charity. The colors can be matched to the quilt fabric, and don’t need to be beautiful of themselves.

It’s not wool, it’s 100% cheap acrylic. Some people like it, but it hurts my hands to knit with it and I wouldn’t give anything I made with it to anyone I know. That’s why The Snuggles Project is good…animals don’t care about color or quality of the yarn. :teehee: