Need pattern or stitch that looks like this, please!

Hi, I came across this lovely capelet on Pinterest, and I’m dying to knit something similar, but I’m not really sure how. Does anyone happen to know of a pattern that is similar to this? Or can help me identify this stitch? I’m not even sure if this is crocheted or knitted. The few people that I’ve asked seem to think this is a linen stitch. Any thoughts?

Okay, that kinda looks like moss stitch or seed stitch to me, but I’m probably wrong.

I will say that I could never wear something like that because I would feel as though I’m being strangled–not good for someone who’s claustrophobic!!!

If you do make this, though, I’d love to see the FO!! And I know [I]someone[/I] on here will know what stitch this is and not even have to break out a stitch book or guess (like I did).

I was going to say moss/seed maybe, it could be linen stitch. Why don’t you get some yarn, doesn’t have to be bulky, but use big needles and work up a sample with both sts and see which looks closer. Ravelry should have a capelet pattern with a similar shape and construction.

I actually found the pattern! But, alas, it is crocheted (go figure!.. I’ve decided I hate to crochet, and of course everything I see that I fall in love with just so happens to be crocheted!). It also costs $6.50 and my wee budget cannot accommodate that. :frowning: The designer also designed a knit version which she says is a variation of brioche stitch. I think I might just try out a few swatches in linen stitch and moss/seed stitch and see what I like best. Luckily, I do have some bulky yarn I can use. I’ve also found a few patterns that resemble the shape, but they’re done in basic garter or stockinette so I think the tricky part is going to be the decreases/increases, depending on whether I do it top-down or bottom-up.

Aha, so it [I]is[/I] seed stitch, but it’s a crocheted seed stitch. That crossed my mind, too.

I bet you’ll get similar results with a knit seed stitch or moss stitch.

And I’m always amazed at people who can knit better than they can crochet. Crochet is so much easier for me, but that’s not true for everyone–obviously!!!

Good luck!

Haha, actually I find crochet to be a bit easier to execute than knitting, although reading patterns in crochet is nearly impossible for me. Knitting patterns are much easier for me to understand. I think I just enjoy knitting more because the only thing I’ve crocheted is a baby blanket, which I was doing OK with. I just got so absolutely sick of it that I couldn’t imagine ever picking up a crochet hook again!

I’m glad the stitch for this was finally figured out. I had no clue but was mighty curious about it. I looked at patterns and found nothing that really looked like it.

Ha! I can screw up either knitting or crochet patterns with equal ease.

Because I had finally learned to follow a crochet pattern, following a knitting pattern wasn’t too tough to learn. Charts? I’ve not even attempted them yet. With either knitting or crochet, I get lost in stitch and row counts. I do find it easier to be sure I’ve actually finished a row in knitting, some crochet patterns I think I’m done with a row and I’m not. :hair:


It may be knitted, but it sure looks like this time honored crochet stitch pattern to me: sc in the ch1 lp, ch1, sc in the ch1 lp.

Good luck figuring it out, it sure is gorgeous!

I think I’ve given up on it. There’s no way I can figure out how to knit that without looking at a pattern. :pout: