Need pattern for super chunky yarn

I have approx 200 yards of this super chunky yarn. (see attached photo) and need a pattern for a men’s scarf. Any ideas?

The name of the yarn is more helpful than a picture in this case, but I found a few that might work. You’ll have to check exact yardage because the Rav filter goes to 300.

Thanks Jan, I’ll take a look.

Had to go find the label. Yarn is Berroco Link 50/50 Wool/Acrylic. It doesn’t indicate which ply it is, but the knitting gauge is 1 sts=1"
Does this help?

Whoa…I’ve never seen a gauge like that! It looks like it’s a flat I-cord.

So I looked it up on Ravelry and a lot of people made this scarf. It suggests this yarn. The pattern requires 1 hank which Rav says is 32 yds. If that isn’t an error you should have enough.

These people have all made various things with the yarn.

Thanks Jan. I made that scarf as well, and just wasn’t thrilled with the finished product. I wanted to try something a little more refined. I’ve started a basic 2x2 rib stitch and it looks pretty good. I might just stick with that. It’s too thick for cables, so don’t know what else I could try. Thanks again for the help!