Need Pattern for Sugar and Cream Cotton


Just joined the forum after getting back into knitting (yet again). At the moment I can’t knit fast enough but it is so absorbing and, as a full-time mum to 2 boys, relaxing in an evening when they’re both tucked up!

As well as knitting by myself I am a member of local craft group which meets every Thursday in our houses. Sometimes we knit, sometimes we learn a new skill like cardmaking, glass painting etc, but mostly we eat cake, drink tea and chat! I always take my knitting!

Have just won 3 balls of Sugar’n Cream cotton - anyone got a simple pattern? Although I have been knitting on and off for years, I do find patterns daunting! Am currently knitting a bag to hold my knitting from 2 balls of Sugar’n Cream cotton - fantastic colours.

Anyone know of [COLOR=“Red”]simple[/COLOR] knitting patterns? I’ve borrowed Penny Hill’s ‘Learn to Knit’ from a friend and have found these patterns easy to follow. I’ve noticed lots of books say they contain simple patterns (like Debbie Bliss) but I just freak out at too many PSSOs!!! Ideally I’d like patterns for me (I’m 43 but young-at-heart) and my two lads (7 and 5). :shrug:

Thanks! Any suggestions welcome!!

Welcome. There are always good patterns for dishcloths which really answers both questions. There are also very good patterns here at knitting help. I copied your post to Pattern Central. If you look there I am sure others will have even more ideas for you.

dishcloths are a great way to ease into reading patterns and learning new stitches. one that is Fabulous for the sugar and cream yarns is the Ball band pattern.
here’s convenient place to find lots of dishcloth patterns I know there are many more!

the book Mason Dixon knitting has lots of patterns which use the sugar and cream yarn specifically, like the cutest baby kimono! (and the washcloth)

Cotton is good for lots of things which you would like to be durable, and washable. kid sweaters, dishtowels, bath rugs… some people use it for summer tops, market bags, all sorts of things!

HTH! (and welcome!)

I’ve used Sugar & Cream to make these:

They’re fingerless gloves and the pattern is almost painfully simple. I’ve made a few pairs. One ball of S&C will probably make 2 pairs with a bit to spare.

i’ve probably already recommended this pattern like 5 times, but thats cus i luv it so much:mrgreen:

Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth (and mine too!:teehee:)

Welcome! I like the idea of a kids sweater although you probably don’t have enough for that unless you know someone having a new one this winter that you can make a “first sweater” for…

I also use it for dishcloths (which I thought was lame until I started knitting them…then it became somewhat addicting…) and I also use it to make teddy bear/stuffed animal sweaters for my daughter’s stuffed animals!

I’ve been inhaling the Mason-Dixon book these days and they show a really cool pattern for a dishrag rug. Knit up 6 dishcloths and then sew them together in a rectangle. Very cool.

There’s also a pattern for an easy baby kimono that I just love. I just need a baby to knit it for! :grin:

Hi, and thanks to EVERYONE for their helpful suggestions! I’m off to start knitting a book sweater (yes, it really is a sweater for your favourite book!!) and a few washcloths.

Keep on knitting!!

Wow that is a cool idea … a bood sweater … do you have a pattern?
thanks KC

booK sweater … duh:pout: