Need pattern for bath towel...?

Does anyone have a link for a bath towel? I have a wash cloth pattern that I made a washcloth and a hand towel, but am unable to find a pattern for a bathtowel. Does anyone have a link for a towel for a toddler. Anyone??

Just make the hand towel bigger. Then you’ll have the same pattern. If you tell us the pattern name and link we can help more.

Oh that would be great. Okay here is one of my favorites, I have made several wash cloths with this pattern. Thanks so much!!!

That’s a good pattern for a baby towel. Since you’ve already made the washcloth size in this you can use that as a swatch. Figure out how many repeats of the washcloth you’d like across the width of the towel, cast on the appropriate multiple of 6 sts and knit to the length you want. You could even leave the garter st borders in as a break between blocks of the pattern or you could knit plain stockinette blocks or stripes between blocks of the pattern.

Oh my goodness, that is awesome. Thank you so very much. I have one more question lol, I used KP’s comfy worsted for the cloth, can I use the same for the towel or do I need a different type of yarn??

Thank you again, I did figure out the repeats from the swatch. I am so glad you are here!!!

I think Comfy would be fine. It’s got enough cotton it should be absorbent.

Yes, and if you like the washcloth then why not continue using it?

By simply making the washcloth pattern larger could be problematic due to absorbency. Even if it’s made of cotton, there’s a lot more water that it needs to absorb in order to dry a body and so the pattern matters even more. I would recommend using a simple seed stitch pattern because it will be more absorbent than, say for example, a repeating diamond pattern created with stockinette stitch.

Lionbrand yarn has a hooded baby blanket pattern. This could be done in cotton. You can buy economical cones of cotton yarn at Joann’s or Amazon. Bernat Handicrafter is also a good one in bulk.