Need pattern for a baby/toddler Santa hat!

Can anyone point me in the direction of a santa hat to knit for babies and toddlers? I’ve looked all over the internet, shops, etc., and can’t seem to find one. I’d like one that would work for babies 3-6 mos. and up. I would appreciate it if anyone has any ideas! Thanks!

Our wonderful Carolina Red here from KH has a baby Santa hat pattern!

It should work if you start with a baby-sized regular hat–maybe starting with white furry yarn, and when you get to the crown, put a few rows between the decrease rows–you’d get the longer point.

Here is one for preemies which you could make with more stitches, or ones for adults you could make with fewer stitches. I used the lionbrand one (I think*) to make an adult hat and two kids hats. I also made one for the cat. :teehee:

*they require a sign in and I don’t know where my number is. I made them with chenille yarn.

For a 15 mos. old size, how many more stitches should I add from the premie size? I have a chart that gives head circumference! I guess I would figure it out from the gauge and just add on the stitches from that?

I looked at Lion Brand’s website for their hat, but it jumps from 3-6 mos. up to children’s 11-12 and then adult! I wish they had sizes for toddlers!

This is what I use as a guide for basic hats. As I said, the ‘head’ part would be the same, and if you add 3 or more rows between the decreases, you’d get the longer, tapered point. Or, you could decrease on each side of the center back stitch every other row–that might look best for the rest of the hat.

Oh now I know what the Cats are getting for Christmas :roflhard:

Thanks for that.
Sorry I can’t help with the original question.

:hug: Sharon