Need opinion...coolest knitting bag?

Which bag would you be most like to buy? Or if you wouldn’t really buy a knitting bag, which do you think is the “coolest”? Thanks for the input!

Knit One


Jordana Paige

I voted for Jordana Paige. The messenger bag is the one I’d get, were I shopping for a knitting bag. I love lots of pockets and room for my projects. :slight_smile:

If I could afford one, I’d love to have the purple satchel from Jordana Paige. …But I’ll have to stick to my huge orange canvas bag for now!

BTW - I :heart: the needles on the Namaste website! WOW! :inlove:

i like the jordanna paige straight needle bag, its pretty cute. However I love the Namaste bags =D

I love, love, love the Namaste messenger bag. I bought it at the same time I bought the JP satchel in purple, but decided to sell that because with my lifestyle (kids, work, school, etc.) it was better to have the messenger bag. :slight_smile:

i love the style of the Knit One bags though i have NEVER seen the inside of them which is important to me! I also don’t think they would hold enough stuff for me but i do think they are great looking bags.

My Jordana Paige messenger bag didn’t hold up as well as i would like but i couldn’t guarantee it isn’t because i filled it way full of stuff. i had a small pull on the seam and the “leather” on the strap was kind of fraying away on the edges. it didnt look bad when i pulled it away but it still wasn’t great.

btw…i LOVE My lantern moon bag! :thumbsup:

:smiley: I have to vote for the Namaste messenger bag…very yummy :wink:

I really :heart: :heart: those needles too, pretty pricey though!

I’m ordering a KnitOne bag the middle of this month. I hope that I like it, both inside and out! Can you tell I’m addicted to knitting bags??? :blush:

:roflhard: yes. But you NEED different bags for different projects, right?

Oh I sure do. Especially since I keep ordering more and more sock yarn from your store! :lol:

I :heart: my Namaste bag! It’s roomy and it looks great. It also was less expensive than the JP bags. And the new design of the JP bags looks a great deal like my Namaste! :thumbsup:

I love both the namaste and the JP bags. I have neither, but I’m hoping once I get my tax return I can buy one. I just feel guilty spending that much on a bag!

I can’t decide - I :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: them all!!!

I have so many bloody bags already but it’s sooooo tempting to get just one more…

I know that’s my problem! I really like each of them but I can only afford to choose one for the store right now.

I voted for the Namaste. I like their messenger bags (esp the interiors!), the needle binders (what a great idea - and you can get more pages) and I even like the Vintage (tho I’d like to see the other colors). I like the regular handbags too! I’ve never really cared for JP and while I like the fabric of KnitOne bags, I can’t wrap my head around the shape.

That said, I just bought a Jansport messenger from Costco for $15 - I figure that’s at least $40 I saved that I can use to buy yarn or fabric! Oh wait, I already spent it on yarn last week. Darn. :lol:

Gotto go for the Jordana Paige - it’s classic.

I like the Namaste bags and had not seen the Namaste needle binder … that is very cool!

I really LOVE the JP knitters satchel. I know it wouldn’t be a good bag for me though. 3 kids and running around in the dirt/to the park all the time. DH just bought me the Namaste Messenger bag, and I LOVE it. it’s roomy and beautiful, plus I can get a good sized knitting project, diapers, butt wipes, sippy cup, snack and all of my purse stuff in it, and there’s still room.

Namaste Executive - simple, classic and (hopefully) functional though I’ve not seen one in person. Are you planning to start selling some on your site?