Need nice bankie pattern using very bulky stuff

Hi everyone:hug:I got a great deal on 3 skeins of Lion Brand Wool-ease quick and thick…(all for $2.00)…:woohoo:I tried to work a nice patten from my baby afghan book…Patchwork Pleaser…It’s a very nice pattern, however I have to work several YO,k2tog…and YO p2tog…for the pattern… I am working with US 15 circ…this stuff is killing my hands:teehee:I am going to:frog::frog:this one. Anyone have a pattern for a blanket or throw using this stuff…Thank you

Unless you’re knitting really tightly, that shouldn’t be hard on your hands. You can do standard garter stitch, stockinette with a couple sts in garter at beginning or end of rows, basketweave, or a double moss st (k2,p2 for 2 rows then reverse, p2,k2 for 2 rows).

Hi Suzeeq, Yep I frogged and I am doing 4st garter on each end, then standard st st…I guess I wanted something to really pop-out when you look at it…but this yarn is sooooo thick…:muah: Thank you Cheley