Need needle felting recommendation

My 11yod wants to learn to needle felt, and I thought a kit for Christmas would be a good way to get her started and see if she likes it.

Does anybody have a recommendation for a good little starter kit for her? A favorite online shop? Any suggestions?

the AC MOORE stores (in NY area) have some needle felting kits…(and small bags of roving, and sheets of readymade felt to cut into elements to felt, and purses, eyeglass cases and what not (i made one into an “over the top” camera case)

the kits are not cheap, and they also have felting needles, and other stuff…

Michaels has some stuff too, but not as big a selection…

(have you looked in your local “big Box crafts store” or on line?)

in the same section of ACMoore they had booklets of idea’s/projects.

I’ve done a lot of needle felting… I was going to link to a pair of clogs I did, but I can’t find the picture. ANYWAY, I don’t like the Clover needle felting kit… the tool is okay for big areas, but not for small areas or detail, but the little brush mat thing kind of sucks. Get a sturdy piece of foam, at least 3 inches thick, instead.

Wool and Company is where I got a lot of my supplies. I used to live near the store, and i took a class there too. They do have an online store and they’ll ship to wherever you are. They have kits for needle felted “things” like eggs or birds or christmas ornaments or whatever, and they also have kits for embellishments–like putting a leaf on a feltd bag or something like that.

Caution, though… felting needles are SUPER SUPER SUPER sharp. Puncture-your-finger sharp.

The spinning forum might have some good resources for roving.

Maybe you could knit her a felted bag, and let her decorate it? That would be fun (for me, if I was 11… or 30 :teehee: )

You probably don’t want to make this type of investment but Viking makes a needle felting machine. It is like a sewing machine and is really fantastic. I have not nor would I invest in one but if someone is really into this, it is a great thing.