Need man-style scarf pattern

I’m planning to make my brother a scarf for christmas, but I can’t find “the right” pattern. He is 30, makes really good money, has a great sense of style… (and single)! I need something not too difficult, yet very classy.
Thanks in advance.

I found with my older brothers that a plain garder st scarf works… if you want to dress it up you could put cables in without to much trouble…

just remember a good fitting scarf is from wrist to wrist or bigger when finished. :woohoo:

I hope that helps.

I had a similar dilemma a couple Christmases ago…I had a new friend in a different city and I didn’t know his tastes all that well other than he was a hip kinda guy…but still a guy…

So, I ended up making him a half black/half cream scarf with a simple diamond pattern in the middle and about 2in of garter stitch on the ends.

He absolutely LOVED it and actually wears it still.

I used a couple balls of the black Sugar-n-Cream and a couple of the ivory/cream/off white-ish…it’s cotton and the pattern shows beautifully.

I didn’t put any fringe on the end, of course since it’s a man scarf, but I did buy some inexpensive grey fleece to line the back, which not only keeps him warm and feels exquisite on the neck, but also keeps the stockinette edges from curling.

I’d be happy to give you full details if this sounds like something that’d work for ya…just PM me or send me an email!

you could try a K2P2 scarf in a manly color

Depending on the guy, I’d probably make one of these…

Irish Hiking Scarf


Ropes and Ladders Scarf

An easy, and good-looking scarf, on which you can learn cabling at the same time:


:muah: :muah: :muah:
Thanks for all the ideas!! You are all the best!

You might try the standard garter stitch, but knit lengthwise instead of horizontally.

I’m also liking this one

I’m planning on making my dd’s boyfriend the Men’s Cashmere Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts for Christmas this year. Assuming they’ll still be a couple then (newish boyfriend), he’ll get it. If they aren’t, dh will get it. :wink:

Hi Jill, I recently made a scarf similar to the Irish one Julie suggested. I made from Paton’s Inca which is a 14 ply but oh so light and I chose a dark grey fleck which had a good ‘business’ look to it. I think part of the art in making items for business people is the colour and yarn. The ONE drawback which wasn’t sensible of me is that Inca is not supposed to be machine washed and I think that machine washing is a more sensible choice for a single guy with a busy lifestyle.

However, I washed and blocked the scarf and the gentleman I made it for is also a businessman and he really loved it. I worked two six stitch cables with a K,P on two rows at the beg and end and then two P. K at beg and end of 3rd and 4th rows. In that chunkier 14 ply those 2 stitches were more than enough and I like the border edge that creates.

I love simple cables but moss stitch is an attractive look too.