Need knit Christening gown pattern

Don’t have a lot of time (2½ weeks?) but would like to do a Christening dress for a 2 month little boy. Can knit most stitch patterns, just not very speedily, sometimes. Got patterns?
Appreciatively, Jean

Most of what I found is not free, but here’s a few.

Or, since it’s for a little boy, maybe you could knit a little white jacket and he could wear some white pants or a little white romper.

Thanks so much, Jan. Great patterns! Of course I prefer the very traditional “nittin needles” ribbons and lace pat. So stunning! Have read thru it and only 2 places seem a bit intimidating. The picket edge - new to me and picking up 400+ sts. (although, sounds like a great way to tie the bodice, skirt and sleeves together). Think that might take a circular needle or part of a clothesline to hold 'em! Thankfully, decrease rows follow immediately. Have heard about the trousers for boys. I’ll let his parents decide what they’d like. Will do a sleeve tonight to get an idea and decide if I really like the pattern. Everything else I’ve ever knitted was new to me the first time. I don’t scare that easily. Just have to get my giddy-up in gear.
With sincere appreciation, Jean