Need ideas for baby stuffs

I am expecting in december and i would like to make baby stuffs, can u all pls suggest me the type of yarn to buy, size of needles to use for hat, sweater, blanket by crocheting, scarf etc…
what else can i do for the baby, girl stuffs and boys stuffs…

How experienced a knitter are you? There are tons of baby items out there to be knit, you just have to find which one you like. YOu can knit anything from the typical sweater, hat booties to garments to wool soakers to go over cloth diapers to little mittens and brimmed hats. The list just goes on and on and on. What do you want to make? :slight_smile:

Find a pattern and it will tell you the suggested needle size and yarn.

Are you looking for knitting or crochet patterns? There is a crochet forum here in KH, too.

Everyone is probably sick of hearing me say this but- CHRISTINES BABY BOOTIES! Google it, they are super fast and really cute

Hi all

I have been knitting for quite a while say few mnths, and so far i have done hat, scarf, some quilts, pot holder(not knitting though), and currently doing sweater, going to finish it. Probably i will google as psquidy have said.

I have been knitting so far, not crochetted even once, have to learn it, probably i m planning to make a blanket by corcheting.