Need help

I’m working on a scarf and the pattern reads (yfwd) twice…in the notes it says (yfwd) twice counts as 2 sts. I have tried to find help on this online…can anyone out there give me a clue. Thanks in advance.

Hello Barb,
From what I read online, it seems that yfwd could either mean just yarn over (YO), or just bring the yarn “forward” to the front, like you do when you purl. But most of the evidence seems to point to a yarn over! Especially if the directions say “yfwd twice”. That would give you two new “stitches”. I would say try the YO and see if the results look right. Yarn Over instructions can be found here on Amy’s page, good luck!

Doing “yfwd” twice creates two new loops you can knit into, since you’re wrapping the working yarn twice around the needle before you make your next stitch. On the way back across the row, you can knit into the loops just like they were normal stitches. A lot of instruction books use “yo” (yarn over) and “yfwd” (yarn forward) interchangeably. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pattern that told me specifically to bring the yarn to the front of the piece when I was switching from knit to purl; they all seem to assume I know to do it on my own.