Need help!

Hi guys I need help. I’m stuck. What does it mean on a pattern
DecB. Knit to last 5 sts. Decf. K2. Work 5 {5-7-7-7} rows even in stocking
This is my first real project ,please Help

Alexis, are there notes in the pattern telling you what decreases to use? It looks like “DecB” and “DecF” are probably referring to certain kinds of decreases (knit 2 together, slip-knit-passover, etc). Commonly those instructions are found at the beginning of the pattern.

Multi-sized patterns include the instructions for all sizes within the pattern…for example, if your pattern has 5 different sizes: XS (S, M. L. XL) and the instructions say to knit 5 (5,7,7,7) rows, you would follow the instructions that correspond to the size you are knitting. So after the decrease row, you would knit five rows for XS or S, or 7 rows for M, L or XL in stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl one row, repeat).

Alexis - are we working on the same pattern?! Hi, new to the group and I am stumped!

I am working on a project from a Leisure Arts booklet for a summer top. The instructions are to K2, DecB to last 5sts. DecF and K last 2sts.

I am struggling with the DecB stitch guide it reads like this:
“DecB = Slip next 2 sts onto a cable needle and hold at back of work. K1, then Sl1. K1. psso from cable needle.”

When I work it [I]exactly[/I] like it states, it is way too bulky passing the Sl1 over the 2 sts on the cable needle and doesn’t match the DecF look at eor. I have never heard or seen Dec instructions like this before!


I don’t see where you’re passing over 2 stitches.

Put the two stitches onto the cable needle and hold to the back, k1 from the regular needle, then do a ssk with the two stitches on the cable needle–slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitch over.