Need help with waffle stitch


I am a new knitter and i am trying to figure out the pattern for a waffle stitch. Does anyone know of any videos out there online with how to do this.

The pattern says:

Round 1: K1, K into the stitch below repeat around.
Round 2: Knit
Round 3: K into the stitch below, K1 repeat around.
Round 4: Knit

So, if I am reading this correctly, what I don’t understand is that if I knit into the stitch below the top one, then do I take both off? Wouldn’t this decrease my pattern quickly?? I have done some basics but am just getting started with knitting in the round and am playing with different stitches. Any help would be appreciated.

Also, in another pattern I am doing, a doggie sweater, on one row it calls for me to turn? I don’t know what this means, could someone elaborate.

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I really dont’ know anyone who knits so I am trying to figure this out by myself. I am pretty good with the videos on this site.


here are directions on how to knit into the stitch below.

When a pattern says to ‘turn,’ just turn your work and knit or purl the other way. You’re only knitting part of the row, creating what’s called short row shaping.

Thank you, so you are not really knitting on the stitch that is on the needle when you do the waffle stitch? That is where I was confused, I thought I was supposed to go to the second stitch on the needle and that made no sense to me. I will have to practice a little and see if I can get it. this is such a great site.


When you knit into the stitch below, you’re basically knitting the one from the previous row together with the one on the needle now. They both end up wrapped around the stitch you pull through. It’s what gives you the texture for your waffle stitch.

Ok, I have tried three times now to do the waffle stitch and every time I end up with a long strand that unravels. I cannot tell from the picture on the link you gave me above how it is supposed to go and am getting frustrated. I want to do this stitch so badly because I really want to do this hat that I have a pattern for.

I started out by knitting about 10 stitches for about 1 inch. Then tried to start the waffle stitch. I kept feeling that I was hitting the right spot, but when I wrapped the yarn around, that was where I lost it. I couldn’t figure out where to pull through and then how to take the stitch off the left needle. Any help would be appreciated.


Here are a couple of additional sources. I hope they help.

I looked at the Amy’s video again, and it looks like that stitch is supposed to come out and create a strand. It won’t unravel any more than that, though.

Thank you for those resources. It looks easy enough. I will try again. I am not going to quit so easily. I just find knitting so much fun.