Need help with vegan fox pattern...newbie is desparate!

I’m a new knitter. There is something I do not understand about the vegan fox pattern…actually the very beginning :blush:
Row 1 p3 (no problem)
Row 2 k1 inc1 2 times, p1 (5 st total)

I read Row 2 as: knit first 2 stitches with an increase, last stitch purl (which would equal 5 stitches)…is that correct? Also, what type of increase would you use or doesn’t it matter?
Has anyone substitued yarns for this pattern? If so which ones? It’s difficult to find Crystal Palace yarn in my neck of the woods.


So I read that to mean the 2nd row should be:

Knit 1, increase 1, Knit 1, increase 1, Purl 1

so at the end of the row, you’ll have 5 stitches on your needle (just like you said).

Unless the beginning of the pattern has some kind of instruction that says “perform all increase by doing XXXXX” – then you can do the increases however you like. I’m a fan of the “M1A” or “M1F” increase – (Make 1 away or make 1 front). You can find videos of these increases here.

The yarn-over increase is the easiest one to do, but it usually leaves a big hole in your work, so I’d avoid doing that. (You can see the YO increase at the bottom of Amy’s increase page).

Thanks! I’ve got it now. :smiley: I appreciate the help.

Mary :thumbsup: