Need help with understanding ruffle pattern

Hello Everyone,

I am attempting to do “Girl’s Ruffle Socks” by Bernat which is up on their site for free.

The sock gets started by first doing the following ruffle.

Ruffle: with 2 needles, cast on 72 (82) sts

1st row: (WS). K1. (yfwd) twice. *K5. Slip 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th sts over first st. (yfwd) twice. Rep from * to last 6 sts. K5. Slip 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th sts over first st. K1. 44 (50) sts.

2nd row: K2, *(KB1) twice. K1. Rep from * to end of row.

3rd row: Knit. dec (2) sts evenly across. 40 (48) sts.

Does anyone understand the above directions???

Take care,

Row 1- Knit 1, then put the yarn in front as if to purl and then wrap it up and around the needle again, ending up with the yarn in front.

Knit 5, then, one at a time, pick up the second, third, fourth and fifth stitch from the point of the right needle and pass it over the first stitch as if you were binding off.

Row 2 k1B is knit one below

Aha, so thats what they mean. I never would of figured that out. I tried may weird “wrong” ways that did not work.

I will try the “right” way tonight. I am sure it will work now.

Thank you so much for your help.

Take care,

Well, all went well but I really messed up! I had decided to have the ruffle be a different color. I used varigated for the sock and a blue solid ruffle.

The pattern has you do the cuff seperate and the ruffle seperate and then place the needles on top of each other with the ruffle on top and knit both together. This would of made the rest of the sock the blue ruffle color so I did it in reverse…cuff on top. All looked well till I started knitting in the round and found that the purl stitches were now on the outside instead of the inside. I could not flip it inside out because that would of hide the fansy ruffle inside the sock.

If I had thought more before ripping it out, I could of grafted the ruffle on the sock or cut the yarn of the blue and tied in varigated. All this came to me after I viciously ripped out.

Oh well! I will make the sock all one color instead.

Take care,

It’s so frustrating when ‘great’ ideas don’t work out because we forgot some little glitch. We do learn from them, at least! At least you figured out the pattern!