Need help with Under the Hoodie from SnB

Has anyone done this? I really need help with picking up stitches for the pocket. I am sooo confused!

I don’t have this book, but if you type in the part of the pattern you’re having problems with, I’m sure someone can help you.

Okay. It says:

With the RS of your sweater facing you and a separate skein of A at WS of front, pu the center sts between safety pins by *inserting the RH needle into the center of the next st from front to back, wrapping the yarn as if to k, and pulling the loop through.

I tried this already, but ended up with the yarn on the back and my needle on the front. How do I do it? I don’t really know how to explain what I don’t understand about it.

It sounds like you’re just picking up stitches the normal way. Your needle will be in the front with a loop on it and the yarn will be in the back.

There’s a video on picking up stitches down the page.

It isn’t on the edge though, it is about 8 rows up from the bottom edge. When I did it before, I had the yarn in back, and the front facing me. I poked the needle in through the center of the stitch through to the back, I wrapped it and then pulled the needle back through to the front. So when I am done picking up, I didn’t know how to get the yarn to the front so I could start working it. I don’t know if that makes any sense.

It does make sense, I think. Are you picking up stitches to start the pocket bottom and then knitting up? That’s what I’m picturing. Odd that there are no directions on what to do next. Actually, what do they tell you to do after you pick up the stitches?

Yes, I’m picking them up to start the bottom of the pocket. All it says to do next is start working in stockinette stitch. I mean, I could just start a new strand, but I just started a new skein and that doesn’t make sense.

It seems to me that that’s the only logical solution.

I guess I’ll go with that then. So do you think that I did it right though? from the instructions?

That’s exactly what I would have done, and from what I can picture, that’s exactly what the start of the pocket should be like when it’s knit in like that.

Okay, thanks so much Ingrid! Crossing my fingers! :lol:

Me too!!!